Triangle Scarf

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Our comfortable triangle scarf is made from jersey knit fabric that makes it lightweight and perfect for any occasion. The standout color will add style and personality to your wardrobe. The triangle shape is classic, versatile and beautiful. And with the soft jersey knit fabric, you’ll feel fabulous all day long.

Why get yours?

  • Lightweight. It will give you a cooler feeling around your neck. It feels almost like you’re not wearing a scarf at all!
  • Comfy and cozy. Slip it on to cover a bare neckline. Step out in confidence because it’s comfortable and cozy and keeps you feeling good.
  • Stretchy fabric. The soft, stretchy fabric sits nicely on your shoulders and makes it easy to tie.
  • Airy material. The jersey knit material is soft and cool on the body, making it comfortable to wear on hot days.
  • Fashionable. The triangle scarf is a simple yet stylish accessory. It will add a pop of color to any outfit, whether you are walking around town or heading out on date night.

Like a splash of color on a neutral canvas or a touch of warmth on a chilly day, this triangle scarf will add style and personality to your wardrobe.